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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lantlos - Lantlos (2008)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Black Metal

01. þinaz Andawlitjam
02. Mittsommerregen
03. Ruinen
04. Kalte Tage
05. Ëin

My Comment
Well this is their 1st album produce in 22/09/08. Well this quite nice because they have their own strength with many refreshing idea in their song. Noisy disortion, melancholy rythm. not too raw and not too smooth.
"Pinaz Andawlitjam" is a really good song. They elaborate every rythm perfectly. Although the sound quality not too nice (drum beat not very clear), i really can close my eyes and enjoy this song. "Mittsommerregen" also not dissapointed."Ruinen" start with post rock rythm, depressive scream (bad for me), noisyy riff..but good in acoustical...Now "Kalte Tage" really attract me. Better track compare others. They really shown up this time. "Ein" is instrumental song..quite ambient..now i can really avoid any scream..keep up good work.

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