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Friday, November 6, 2009

Galar - Skogskvad (2006)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Viking Metal

01. Skogskvad
02. Ragnarok
03. Dødsmyr
04. Kronet til konge
05. Skumring
06. Hugin og munin
07. Slagmarkens falne sjeler
08. Jotneraid

My Comment
For long time i not post on Viking Section, so here come. I actually really impress with this band coz this is their 1st full length album and still capable to stand like others old band. Well "Skogskvad" is really fun. Softer than Enslaved, more enjoyable than Tyr (pfff Tyr fans), with full melodical and just simple riff, combining growl with clean vocal,  and they just flow it perfectly. The best part is acoustic part in the middle of the song. "Kronet til konge" is the best riff and rythm among alls songs. "Skumring" is instrumental slow song with viking and epic environment (instrument by keyboard and bassoon). "Hugin og munin" is not very good as other track. Track 7 had strong riff and good drum beat. All the track is good.For me its the best viking album. Thanks Galar for making really great stuff. Looking forward to your next album.
Recomended to all.

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