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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Misteltein - Rape in Rapture (2000)

Country : Sweeden
Genre    : Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Darkness Scars My Soul
02. Twilights Sigh
03. Autumns Misty Might
04. Nevercoming
05. The Fire in My Eyes
06. Inquisition of the Bleeding God
07. Hymn of a Timeless Being
08. Dusk Rising
09. Silvertears

My Comment
Eversince the previous post b4, i interested to heard more from them. This is their 1st album. Well.. this album is not so heavy than "Divine.Desecrate.Complete". Full of symphonic influence. And i love when they play in slow mode. Guitar riff also not so technical. "Twillight Sigh" really attracted me. Well work guys. Now finally then get melodical over the symphonic in "Autumn Misty Might". "Nevercoming" had best vocal (higher pitch than dimmu) but this song a bit bored."Fire in my eyes" also same concept as "Nevercoming. I love the church organ in "Inquisition of bleeding god" and "Dust rising" (pffff theatres des vampires had stop play this sound). For conclusion this album is not so bad. All song still great. but to compare with "Divine.Desecrate.Complete", this album loose.. Also recommended.
Great job guys. Salute !!

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