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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Acid - Acid (1982) & Maniac (1983)

Country : Belgium
Genre    : Speed Thrash Metal

Track from Album Acid
01. Acid
02. Ghostriders
03. Hell on Wheels
04. Anvil
05. Demon
06. Hooked on Metal
07. Woman at Last
08. Five Days in Hell
09. Heaven's Devils
10. Satan

Track from Album Maniac
11. Max Overload
12. Maniac
13. Black Car
14. America
15. Lucifera
16. No Time
17. Prince Of Hell And Fire
18. Bottoms Up

My Comment
"Acid is the name, heavy metal is our game !!". What can i say..i just impress with "Acid". Old thrash riff and drums, and the girl clean vocal (named Kate) is not to hard and not to "pop ish". Kate is one of earliest female metal singer. Well their lyric is based on metal, sex and satan (wooooot) and all their lyric is simple and enjoyable to sing (really thanks to Kate). Their riff is much softer than Motorhead. For me its like revolusion between dark element and thrash thats coins to many heavy metal band later on. The Drum was really enjoyable and fast. Whatever the songs, all the riff is awesome. i really enjoying all the track.. Between this two album, "Acid" is better for me. Its more thrashing than Metal. "Maniac" has many metal element than thrash. For Kate vocal, i choose "Acid" also. Many good songs i cant choose which is best. Well i recommended this album to all metal fans out there.
Special thanks to Acid because making metal scene to grown.
Salute !!!

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