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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Misteltein - Divine. Desecrate. Complete (2001)

Country : Sweeden
Genre    : Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal

01. Intro
02. Bloodline Desires
03. Thy Kingdom Cum
04. Where Angels No More Roam...
05. Completion
06. Forsaken Emperor
07. Excruciate the Virgin Dream
08. Eye of the Shadowden
09. Entwined
10. Ascending Through Descending

My Comment
The intro start with synth,low deep vocal,girl screaming and pain. Continue track two was awesome !! full of dark atmospheric and symphonic. good guitar riff. The drummer also act well. I like their combination between high pitch scream and low deep growl. They capable to eleborate their music nicely. Track 4 had diff synth concept not like other track b4. Afterall the track also enjoyable and good also. Track 7 has a best facinating drum beat ever !!! ..The best track is "Bloodline Desire" btw the other track also quite good. i really enjoying all the songs. They rules it. For Symphonic lover, highly recommended.
Salute !!

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