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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Menhir - Ziuwari (2001)

Country : Germany
Genre    : Pagan Black Metal

01. Wotans Runenlied
02. Die Letzte Schlacht
03. Herminafrieds Klage
04. Das Verborgene Reich
05. Valhalla
06. Steinsburg
07. Ziuwari

My Comment
Equilibrium? Falkenbach? Germany should be proud to Menhir also. They have the root..and the talent. Starting with strong riff and symphonic in "Wotans Runenlied". Good galloping for sure. Softer than equilibrium, very good growl with clean vocal ofc (thats viking are). They variable their riff until i didnt notice i still in track 1 (lol). Track 2 more on old viking/pagan songs. Great riff and solo...this time they elaborate the riff slowly. Track 3 is acoustic with ambient keyboard (much similar to falkenbach). Track 4 with many vibrato solo (coolies) more melodies, and for me its not too good song compare b4. "Valhalla" is back on the track. Good intro and great symphonic. "Ziuwari" start in slow and became rough later. much heavier than other track b4. Conclusion, Its good for viking/pagan fans. Salute Menhir !!

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