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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taake - Nattestid Ser Porten Vid (1999)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Black Metal

01. Vid I
02. Vid II
03. Vid III
04. Vid IV
05. Vid V
06. Vid VI
07. Vid VII

My Comment
This is 1st Taake album. Well straight to review this album. For me its like a second wave of BM. "Vid I" bring me to old black metal memories. Their song build in various rythm with some folkish influence. Guitar riff was like razor blade that leads the band onwards. Quite technical with some neoclassical element. Combining electric and sometime clean effect they really can elaborate all the rythm very perfectly. Even the bass also isolated riff, not just followed the leads but supporting to make a super melodical. By vocal, salute to Ulvhedin Hoest. he perform very well in high pitch and scream. For drum, it was fast..not much idea to finishing the great riff and others but not very dissapointed also. Overall, I enjoying every single track. Great masterpiece. I just hoping they can make a good quality recording. Recomended to all Black Metal lovers.

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