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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Swallow The Sun - New Moon (2009)

Country : Finland
Genre    : Melodic Doom

01. These Woods Breathe Evil
02. Falling World
03. Sleepless Swans
04. ...and Heavens Cried Blood
05. Lights on the Lake (Horror pt. III)
06. New Moon
07. Servant of Sorrow
08. Weight of the Dead

My Comment
Finland ftw !! at 1st i thought it just like Funeral (last review). Surely not. Starts with "These Woods Breathe Evil" , similar to Dark Lunacy. Quite awesome orchestra. Then come the voice by Mikko (Algazanth vocal also).  Diff with Algazanth is this mixing the low and high picth vocal and clean vocal . Well i like the voice. The music is not slow as Doom.  Then come with melodic death riff in "Falling World". i just really impressed with the riff. Not so hard and not so slow. Now Mikko mixing with clean vocal. Damn so good song. "Sleepless Swans" not so much diff then "Falling World". Also good melodical song. Now Track 5 with mixing with clean girl vocal (idk her name). The riff and style not same as above song. Quite nice horror scene. In "New Moon" Mikko using clean vocal over it. Well conclusion for me, they are good band.
Not much diff then Algazanth because they do talented in various riff in all song.
Recommended to all. Well done ..
Salute !!!

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