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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wolven Ancestry - Silence of the Boreal (2009)

Country : Canada
Genre    : Melodic Black Metal

01. Intro
02. Silence of the Boreal
03. An Animistic Awakening
04. Memories of Life Forgotten With Time
05. A Trail of Blood in Snow
06. Hymn of the Fallen
07. March Forth Under Tortured Skies
08. Codex Canadiensis
09. The Bering Descent

My Comment
This album is release on 7th August 2009. "Silence of Boreal" looked have more symphonic element than melodical. But they do have their trademark. Their guitar have many good technical riff with sometime a clean sound supporting ambient atmosphere by keyboard. The vocal is not too clear which is good for me. Great scream ofc. The drum is quite good. changing drum beat between double pedal and fast snare. But not much idea evolve from the beat. "An Animistic Awakening" was totally good song for me. Love it. Well i like their style combining clean guitar sound in the middle of fast rythm in "A Trail Blood in Snow". Also supporting opera choir and keyboard finished it perfectly. Well accomplished. Good acoustic with folkish element in "Hymn of The Fallen". "Codex Canadiensis" is same style as "Trail Blood in Snow". I really hope their will keep this style in next album. Overall, Great album. Not very best but also good to hear.
Good Effort. Salute !!

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