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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Metal Tribute to Britney Spears

Genre : Compilation

01. Kevorkian - Baby One More Time
02. Type O Negative - Baby One More Time
03. Ten Masked Man - Baby One More Time
04. Christian Lee - Baby One More Time
05. Children Of Bodom - Baby One More Time
06. Black Ingvars - Baby One More Time
07. Gorath - Toxic
08. SugarComa - You Drive Me Crazy
09. Crystall Ball - Crazy
10. Local X - Toxic

My Comment
Well there goes new metal cover to britney. Well theres no cover album so i made one myself (woot). Well Btw track 1 is from Kevorkian (death groove metal). This cover sucks and not technical as other their songs. Next from Type O Negative. Well this is quite good (slow funky riff) and good vocal from Peter Steele. He really can be pop singer (lool). Most of Ten Masked Man songs is cover song. Their best cover for me is" Gangster Paradise". Skip Christian Lee and go with Bodom. I hope this one is ok too..Oh hell yah...Nice vocal by Laiho. With mix with britney as backup vocal. Thanks to the solo : )  . Black Ingvars combine their style (heavy+electronic) with this cover. Great Electronic and synth. Gorath take really right song for them and elaborate it perfectly. Good riff !! Made the toxic as best good cover. SugarComa also not too bad. With girl vocal and backup scream vocal. Now Crystall Ball showing their also talented with cover song. Good heavy metal voice. With great solo too. Best songs after Gorath. Last song was Local X. Everything was great accept their voice. Great effort you guys. Enjoy.

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