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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Funeral - From These Wounds (2006)

Country : Norway
Genre    : Funeral Doom (Before), Melodic Doom (Now)

01. This Barren Skin
02. From These Wounds
03. The Architecture of Loss
04. Red Moon
05. Vagrant God
06. Pendulum
07. Saturn

My Comment
Many ppl miss categorized with this band. They are Doom Death. not Funeral Doom..so whatsover, lets hear how this album are. Eh..wtf track 1 is corrupt. lazy to download again..so skip to "From these wounds". They creating a simple and easy to memorise riff, clean saddd vocal, ambient sound....much slower than Anathema. melodical with loneliness and sad atmosphere. Mixing Doom and Death scene. "From these wound" and "The Architecture of Loss" is great. Well done with melodical solo and riff. Great ambient in "Red Moon". "Vagrant God" starting with bored repeating rythm and become good in middle song (with melancholy solo). For Vocal i think "From these wounds" is the best. Well sorry i gotta say i like dark doom atmosphere rather than sad and loneliness rythm. Well nice effort u guys..I pick Track 2,3 & 4 as good to hear.

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