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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cadaveria - The Shadows' Madame (2002)

Country : Italy
Genre   : Symphonic Doom/Black Metal

01. Spell
02. Declaration Of Spiritual Independence
03. In Memory Of Shadows' Madame
04. Circle Of Eternal Becoming
05. The Magic Rebirth
06. Black Glory
07. Absolute Vacuum

My Comment
This is their 1st album that release in 2002. They combining gothic and black metal with lyrics based on paganism and occult. Most of Cadaveria is from Opera IX (my fav band) and the name cadaveria is from their female vocal. With virtuoso symphonic in "Spell", i quite shock with their genre. I like cadaveria in Opera IX rather than like this. Well nice effort its sound like old heavy metal vocal. To all donno how cadaveria vocal look like, it softer than Arch Enemy and harder and Kittie. Then with Track 2, quite bored..Best track for me is Track 3. Well what i like about Cadaveria is the riff and rythm is not same as Opera IX although most of Opera IX member. Bad news is this album not too good. Well good effort.
Salute !!!!

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