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Friday, November 6, 2009

Twilight Ophera - Descension (2006)

Country : Finland
Genre    : Melodic Black Metal

01. Charagma
02. Hollow Movements of Flesh 03
03. Suicide Harlequin
04. Mirage of Moira
05. Born of Brimstone Womb
06. Sulphur Spiral
07. Sanguine Diadem
08. Wraith Reveries
09. SYN
10. Silhouettes of Paradox Craft

My Comment
Starting with "Charagma", i was a bit shock with no intro and really fast rythm. Oh btw, this is 1st time i heard their album and i just thinking they similar to Aneroxia Nervosa. Really love this song. Catchy Rythm, Good Scream. They had nice rythm, bad ass drummer with supporting keyboard to keep the dark atmosphere. Well continue with track 2,  their rythm changing and become Acturus + Dimmu. I still cant predict their trademark. Track 3 made me upset due to same concept as track 2 ( I need "Charagma" concept badly). Track 4 starts with deep bass and melodical part (thats why their called melodic lol). For me its a diff melodic BM (quite bored..so skip it)."Sulphur Spiral" start with really fast cool solo and bored later (with choir effect and ambient keyboard ). "Wraith Reveries" also start with nice fast solo and bored later (well now theres clean vocal over it). Ah lol "SYN" also same. Conclusion, ONLY "Charagma" rules !!..

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